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Bus crashes often cause serious and catastrophic injuries. If you were injured as a result of collision with a bus, you may be entitled to a significant financial settlement or award. 

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5/5 Reviews
From Our Clients

Happy with the effort, communication, and overall white glove customer service

I hired Arkady after an accident in Sherman Oaks. It was such a difficult time physically and emotionally. I had so many questions and needed advice on what to do about my injuries and getting my car fixed. After I realized the insurance agent was not looking out for my best interest, I found this firm online and decided to call them. Right away I felt at ease and knew I found the right help. Everything was streamlined and organized. I was able to fill out and sign all the forms online. I was happy with the effort, communication, and overall white glove customer service I received from Arkady and everyone who works here. At the end, I received a big check for my injuries and a new car. Thank you for your help, guys!




Why trust Tselner Law to handle your bus accident?

We only work with injury victims 

You may see lots of attorney ads out there. Tselner Law works exclusively with injury victims. We know how to maximize your settlement or award if you were injured in a bus crash.

We have a proven 
record of success  

Tselner Law has real-world experience in successfully obtaining settlements and awards against some of the biggest and best known bus operators and their insurers.

We are experts in traffic collision cases

Our team is built to serve people who were injured in traffic collisions. One can only become an expert in the field by demonstrating a high-level of focus and dedication in representing victims of bus crash injuries. 

Client care that goes above and beyond your financial recovery

Representing injury victims is not just a "get the insurance company to pay and forget it” proposition. Our dedicated team is always in touch with you and carefully tracks your medical treatment and progress. We help ensure that you are getting the care you need while we concentrate on maximizing your monetary settlement or award so you can pay for your medical bills, get reimbursed for lost wages, and for the pain and suffering you were forced to endure

What are the benefits of  a personal injury lawyer in a bus accident case?

Independent Investigation

Our bus accident experts focus on gathering the necessary evidence to maximize results in each case. This includes the police report, witness statements, photos, videos, medical records, and wage loss records to maximize your financial compensation.

Insurance Claim Processing

Proper claims processing is key when it comes to getting the insurance to pay for your losses. That's why your insurance claim is handled by our personal injury attorneys. We use our legal expertise to ensure we maximize your financial compensation. 

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our personal injury attorneys are experienced litigators. This means we are experts at taking legal action to maximize your settlement or award, including representation in mediation or arbitration proceedings.

Court Trials

When the insurance company refuses to fairly compensate you, we will prepare the case for trial where a judge or a jury of your peers can hear the evidence and award you a fair amount of money to compensate you for all of the injuries, stress, and pain you've endured.

Communication & Customer Service 

Tired of not getting a response or getting the runaround? We guarantee responsiveness and superior customer service. We keep our clients informed and work closely with them to help them get better while we work to resolve their case.

Our legal services

Free Legal Consultation 

We offer a free, no obligation consultation with an injury attorney who will go over the facts of your case and your options. 

No Fees, Unless We Win

Our success depends on yours. That's why our fees are contingent on winning your case. If we don't win, you don't pay anything. 


Access To The Best Doctors For Your Injury

If you do not have your own insurance or the most qualified doctors in your network, we can provide you access to the best doctors in your area who will not charge you until you make a financial recovery in your case. 

Client App For 24/7 Access To Your Case

You'll have access to a secure client app so you can communicate with us, upload and view documents, and track the progress of your case at anytime convenient to you.  

Is Hiring A Bus Crash Injury Lawyer Right For You?

A personal injury lawyer is a great way to level the playing field and maximize your financial settlement or award after a bus crash. To determine if you need the assistance of a bus crash injury lawyer, these are the top two questions you should consider:

Do you know how to properly process your claim so the bus company pays you the maximum? 

People who are injured in a bus crash often want legal assistance immediately. If you’re going to file a California injury claim, we recommend that you become knowledgable with the personal injury and insurance bad faith laws. Even if you're able to find and read some information online, you likely won't have the same expertise as bus company's claim adjuster who is trained to look for anything that could potentially minimize the value of your case. 

Do you know how to sue the bus company in court if it refuses to settle your case?

From our experience, the best way to get a fair settlement is if you know how to sue the bus company in court.  Unfortunately, if the bus company knows that you will not enforce your right to a fair compensation in court, it will often lowball you and wait until you settle for less than you're entitled to. 

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