Frequently asked questions

Q. What makes TselnerLaw different from competitors?

A. Our clients typically choose us for the following reasons:

  • We will not stop fighting for our clients until justice prevails.

  • Top-rated reviews: our clients' five star reviews across various platforms have given us the opportunity to serve the community at large. 

  • Contingency based contracts: we only charge for our services if we recover compensation on your behalf.

  • We only work on cases involving serious or catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

  • We are agile and are happy to cater to our clients' needs. If you can't come to us, we can come to you or set up a telephone or video consultation at no cost.  

  • We get meaningful results for our clients because each case is handled by an actual attorney.

  • We keep our clients informed about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it through a secure mobile app.

  • We were founded by a lawyer who was a victim of a car crash and who personally understands what you may be going through.

Q. What services does TselnerLaw offer?

A. Ultimately, we help people recover financial compensation for economic and human losses sustained in an accident or another catastrophic event.  We offer a variety of legal services based on our clients’ specific needs. These tend to include:

  • Case evaluation & consultation  

  • Insurance claims handling 

  • Investigation and evidence gathering

  • Settlement negotiation & alternative dispute resolutions 

  • Litigation & trial 


If it exists at the intersection of legal representation and malfeasance leading to injury or death, we probably have it covered.

Q. How much do your services cost?

A. Our pricing is a negotiated percentage of the recovered amount of compensation based on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Our clients’ recovery goals.

  • The services our clients will actually need. For example, pre-litigation settlement will cost less than litigation and trial.

  • The reasonable, customary, and competitive structure based on the industry prices for the geographic region. 


We can talk about the particular needs of your case and put a price structure together that makes sense specifically for you.

Q. Where’s your portfolio of cases?

A. While we have recovered millions in compensation for injury and wrongful death victims', in the interests of our clients privacy, we don’t publish details about individual cases nor do we share our clients’ information without their permission. If you become a client, you’ll appreciate this too.