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California Law Firm Helps Consumers Get Results

TselnerLaw launched its mission in 2008 under the guidence of its founding member and attorney at law, Arkady A. Tselner, of the Law Offices of Arkady A. Tselner. According to Mr. Tselner, the firm's mission is simple - "to help comsumers who become victims of serious, catastrophic, and life-changing events".

Through this ongoing effort, to date, TselnerLaw has helped many people with severe injuries, as well as those who have lost loved ones, caused by unexpected acts of others. Many seek help, overcome with the stress of pain, suffering, financial problems due to medical bills and inability to work, diminished enjoyment of life, and grief. With the understanding of these frightening consequences and simple human sympathy, TselnerLaw's experience has helped clients get the compensation and the relief they deserve. "We care deeply about our clients...," answered Mr. Tselner, when asked what motivates him the most to do this work. He also said that, "We are no different than any other legal proffessionals, as our goal is always to help you get justice and fair financial compensation after a serious injury or loss of a loved one. However, he added, "Our priorities, during the often difficult healing process, also include supporting you, not just as your legal representatives, but more importantly, as fellow human beings".

Mr. Tselner credited the firm's "focused team of lawyers and support staff dedicated to the highest quality of legal representation," for the rate of success in recovering millions of dollars in verdicts, awards and settlements on behalf of the firm's clients . Injured consumers and accident victims seeking free initial consultation to discuss their case, can reach a member of TselnerLaw at (310) 684-3180. The firm takes cases on a contingent fee basis, which means there is no legal fee until and unless the firm settles or wins your case in court.

A. Shvetsova

TselnerLaw Blog, Nov. 2014 ed.

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