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Los Angeles law firm helps grieving parents in a seven figure wrongful death settlement with utility

The Law Offices of Arkady A. Tselner has announced that a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the grieving parents of two young adults who were killed in a drunk driving accident on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City more than two years ago, has settled in the seven figure range at trial.

In the lawsuit brought by the victim's parents, their attorneys claimed that their children survived the drunk driver's collision with a wall but were ultimately burned to death by the inferno from a severed gas pipe their vehicle hit during the crash. Among one of the defendants was Southern California Gas Co., who was accused of failure to properly maintain and protect its gas pipes from mainstream traffic and possible car accidents.

Afterwards, the firm's founding member, Arkady A. Tselner said, "This was a tremendous day to be able to resolve this case favorably for our clients. And this is a two-fold victory: first, these poor people now don't have to relive every moment of their agony through a prolonged trial; and second, there is no way to repair the harm caused by the loss of a child's life; while compensation to the parents will not bring back their kids, this is the only just way our society can acknolwedge the wrong that can never truly be reversed."

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